Founded in 1959, Simpson Environmental Corporation is an alternative energy company and a market leader in the global waste-to-energy sector. We have developed an innovative approach to divert waste from landfills while producing clean, affordable energy, simultaneously addressing environmental issues and meeting part of our world’s energy needs. Our systems provide an innovative, integrated, financially viable and sustainable energy-from-waste solution for any global market.


We partner with a variety of best-in-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide turnkey waste-to-energy projects focused on the industrial and municipal sectors, providing end-to-end engineering, procurement, construction, financing, and operations services. Together with our partners, we build, own, and operate world-class facilities that convert a range of waste into sustainable energy.


Based on advancements in the use of clean pyrolysis technology, our systems provide high-efficiency, low emission conversion of waste fuels to usable energy. Using our proprietary technology, waste products like municipal solid waste, biomass, tires, plastics, coal and more, are used as fuel in order to create electricity, industrial waxes, and usable carbon products, all with emission levels that meet the most stringent standards in the world.


From our head office and manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, we develop waste-to-energy projects both at home and abroad, with multiple global sites in operation and many more in development. Our systems are designed to help municipalities around the world develop a real solution to the waste disposal problems that so many of them face. Our solutions eliminate up to 100% of the waste currently being deposited in landfills and provide energy for electrical generation.


We originally established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial air and water treatment products and systems for a variety of Water and Wastewater Applications. These solutions are often a component of our waste-to-energy solutions, or they can be implemented on their own. Working with industry partners, we continue to provide wastewater treatment equipment for large scale or specialized projects in the industrial and municipal sectors. We distribute products through direct sales and a network of dealers and distributors for specific product sectors, and we export our products to the USA, Europe, UK, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.