100 Years of Refined Technology

Ozone has been used as an oxidizing agent in water and air purification for over 100 years. Today, environmentally friendly ozone is a recognized solution for commercial laundry operations throughout North America, Europe, and other urban markets, offering significant operational cost savings for laundry operators.

Simpson Environmental can integrate ozone technology into your existing laundry using our non-invasive, energy-saving, bacteria-free and environmentally friendly Aqua Clean Ozone Laundry System. Its direct injection of ozone into the catch basin eliminates the external ozone contacting systems, external water treatment systems, as well as water storage tanks, pumps, filters, and excess plumbing lines. With its smaller components, it has a small system footprint and offers a faster return-on-investment than other systems.

Ozone is efficient and effective at low temperatures, allowing for short cold water cycles, and because it doesn’t build up residue in the fabric, linens dry more quickly, lengthening linen life and increasing operational efficiency. Even more, ozone eliminates biological pathogens not achievable with chlorine or bleaches, meaning effective disinfection with reduced chemicals.