Benefits of the SEC Solution

The SEC Solution can solve your waste problems without the need for investments in source separation while providing you with economical and sustainable base load electricity. Our system offers everything you need to protect the environment and your future prosperity.

  • Modular Construction
  • Strong Value Proposition
  • Proven Performance
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Liquid Fuels Capacity
  • “Green Benefits”
  • Scalability & Redundancy
  • Strong Revenue Model
  • Multiple Fuel Types
  • Peak Power Capacity
  • High Diversion Efficiency

Feedstock Flexibility

The most incredible part of the SEC solution is its flexibility. We recycle and reuse almost anything. Taking waste that was once a problem and turning it into pure energy and profit for any village, town or city.

Other sources can include dewatered sewage, farm manures, plastics, auto fluff, agricultural waste, strategic risk materials, some hazardous wastes.

Pre-Treatment Systems

We provide high end pre-treatment equipment, engineering, technical support, training and operational expertise in the preparation of feedstock. These proprietary systems are customized for the incoming waste. They are designed to sort, dry and prepare commingled MSW for pyrolysis. Typical systems will bale and store fuel to provide the ultimate in diversion and flexibility.

There are no "waste" products.

The only outputs are process gases, industrial waxes, water, or carbon ash.