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Product: ES-301 Volute Dewatering Press
ES-301 Volute Dewatering Press

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Oxidation Ditch Dewatering

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Dewatering Technology Explained
Meat Processing
Dewatering screw press for removal of wastewater solids
ES-301 is available with a standard double flocculation tank where inorganic polymer dosing is anticipated:
ES-301ST has a single flocculation tank plus a weir type flow control for applications where inorganic coagulant polymer will not be required
- direct dewatering of low concentration sludges below 2000 ppm
- no requirement for thickening
- capable of running unattended
- lower energy consumption for dewatering than alternative technologies
- low noise & vibration
- low maintenance costs
- small footprint
- minimal cleasing water consumed
- high solids removal efficiency
- high quality cake solids output
The Volute Dehydrator includes:
- Volute screw with screw motor
- Polymer flocculation Tank with agitator
- Control panel including polymer control system
- Shower nozzles and control valve
(see attached specification sheet for additional details)
Additional Information
The ES-301 model is a single screw with a screw diameter of 300 mm
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