SEC Focuses in on the Caribbean

Posted on December 8, 2015 : Global News, News

It’s hard to believe that 275,000 tons of solid waste is deposited in open dumps, rivers, or even directly into the Caribbean Sea every, single year. It’s sad, and it’s true. With limited landfill space and its existing capacity already exceeded, an unthinkable 70% of marine litter in the Caribbean Sea comes from land-based sources of solid waste.

Finding new disposal sites is no simple task. Land values are exceedingly high, and with a wealth of competing interests for land use, new landfill sites seem impossible to find.

But when options are limited and the future looks bleak, Simpson Environmental considers the situation a direct call-to-action. We know the potential for the diversion of significant volumes of waste. With our technology, solid waste can be used as fuel to create electricity and usable carbon products, eliminating up to 100% of the waste currently being deposited in landfills. And with no emissions created by our waste conversion process, we’re producing precisely the economical, environmentally sensitive solution the Caribbean needs to ensure that it remains the idyllic oasis it has always been.