WK1 Physical Water Conditioner

Category: Physical Water Conditioner

Water King WK1 electronic water softener designed for Professional Installers, Mechanical Consultants, Specifiers and Mechanical Contractors as well as the Do It Yourself home owner.

Water-King is a very cost effective alternative to the conventional salt based softener
- it can save you a lot of money!


external transformer included


- Removes Existing Limescale
- Prevents Fresh Deposits of Limescale
- Valves are kept scale free.
- Provides Softer Water.
- Soaps, Shampoos and Detergents Lather Better
- Scum is Reduced
- Softer Water is Better for Skin and Hair
- Eczema and Psoriasis can be improved
- Saves Energy and Cuts Bills because just 1 millimtres of limescale reduces heating efficiency by 15%.
- Less limescale means fewer breakdowns and equipment failures.
- Safe Drinking Water (Even Suitable for Babies Bottles)
- Easy DIY Installation
- No Servicing, Salt or Chemicals Required
- No Separate Hard Water Tap Required
- Healthy Minerals Retained
- Self Diagnostic Watchdog Chip For Auto Reset
- Low Running Costs - Less than $12.00 per year
- Mains pressure unaffected
- No Corrosion risks with Water-King


Max. pipe diameter - 28 mm
Aerial Number/length - 2/1.8 m
Minimum aerial turns - 12 turns
Frequency range - 1.10 kHz.
Peak output voltage - 82v
Power supply required - 230v or 110v
Input current - 0.02 A.
Power consumption - 1 w
Transformer output - 9v AC
Lead length - 1.5 m
Dimensions (mm.) - 140 x 85 x 50
Weight - 0.75 Kg.
Ambient temperature - 0 - 70 C
Humidity non-condensing - 80%
Self-diagnostic Guard Chip - Yes