SW80M Ozone Generator

Category: Ozone Generators

80 gr/hr Air Cooled High Frequency Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

The SW80M generator is used in all ozone applications including but not limited to potable water, wastewater, pools, cooling towers, aquaculture, etc


- front mounted controls standard
- Water Cooled Option (Order SW80M/W)available


Silent, Rugged, Reliable, Cost effective, Compact and Light Weight, Ceramic, Air cooled and power efficient.
1.3 lbs/day at 7.7% and 3 LPM : 3.6 lbs/day at 4.2% weight and 15 LPM (Oxygen or Concentrator)
No exposed high voltage safety hazards.
Precise ozone control using Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) via potentiometer, 4/20 ma or 0-10vdc.
Precise Control with Turn-down to 1%
Useful pressure range: 5-100 psi.
CSA-Optional, CE-Yes
One year limited factory warranty


Gr/hr with PSA Oxygen - 80 Gr/Hr @ 20LPM of Oxygen
Energy 500 w
Power @ 60/50 hz - 120-240v
Automatic 4-20ma Control - Yes
High Temp Limit - Yes
Air Flow Meter - Yes
Footprint(wdh) cm - 61 x 30 x 102
Weight - 68.0 kg