Sony Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower, Water & Air Treatment, China

The cooling infrastructure at this major electronics manufacturing plant in China included two large cooling towers handling 500 m3/hr of flow each, three back-up towers of similar size and two smaller towers rated at 30 m3/hr flow capacity to support a network of compressors. The system held over 200 m3 of total water and turnover time was roughly 5 minutes. The Simpson supplied AOP system eliminated all chemical treatment for bacteria control, corrosion and scaling and improved energy consumption.

With automatic dosing control the threat of high bacteria counts was eliminated, the removal of chlorine from the system enabled higher cycles of concentration for the towers resulting in water savings and overall operating costs excluding energy consumption was reduced by 85%. Significant energy savings were realized on the heat exchangers with reductions in compressor and pump loads to the point overall energy consumption was reduced by some 13% or $104,000 per annum.