Simpson Environmental offers cost-effective and efficient water treatment applications applicable across a wide range of industries to deal with wastewater effluent in an economic and environmentally sensitive way.

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Duck Wash

Duck Wash, Water & Air Treatment, France

A slaughterhouse in France was faced with bacteria buildup in the bath water used to conceal wax applied for feather removal. The bath water was typically dumped each day but became contaminated within minutes of starting up the production. An AOP system was installed to treat re-circulated water from the bath. The result was excellent […]
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Fertigation Project

Fertigation, Water & Air Treatment, Canada

An Ontario-based entrepreneur in the fertilizer control systems business selling to professional greenhouse growers approached Simpson Environmental to co-develop a water quality system to augment their existing product line. The product was a Greenhouse Irrigation Water Recycling system that achieved a number of objectives including the savings of some 30% in water usage, 40% in […]
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Biofilter Remediation

Biofilter Remediation, Water & Air Treatment, Canada

Simpson Environmental Corp. was contacted by a firm in South-Western Ontario to assist in remediating exhaust fumes from an organic food waste rendering operation. The client operated a two shift operation which was emitting foul air from liquid waste into the local community. In advance of pressure from Provincial regulators, the business owner elected to […]
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