Simpson Environmental offers cost-effective and efficient water treatment applications applicable across a wide range of industries to deal with wastewater effluent in an economic and environmentally sensitive way.

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Food Processing, Water & Air Treatment, France

A major French apple producer was facing serious competition in their served European markets from a German producer who had eliminated residual pesticides from its shipped produce. Retail channel customers were now at risk given the move to a “pesticide-free” standard. Simpson worked with its European Channel Partner to design a bath system and ozonation […]
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Aquaculture Shrimp Farm, New England

Aquaculture, Water & Air Treatment, United States

Simpson Environmental was approached by a prospective client in New England to provide an ozonation system for a shrimp farm harvesting operation. The client was experiencing a high level of bacteria in the salt water baths used for the species. Following extensive research, Simpson determined the safe level of residual dissolved ozone for this type of species. […]
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Sony Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower, Water & Air Treatment, China

The cooling infrastructure at this major electronics manufacturing plant in China included two large cooling towers handling 500 m3/hr of flow each, three back-up towers of similar size and two smaller towers rated at 30 m3/hr flow capacity to support a network of compressors. The system held over 200 m3 of total water and turnover […]
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Duck Producer Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower, Water & Air Treatment, France

A major duck slaughterhouse in France faced significant challenges maintaining their cooling tower water within acceptable levels for bacteria and Legionella. Chemical treatment regimens in use were inconsistent and were unable to keep the towers algae free. The 7 evaporative towers were in the range of 500 to 1500 L in water volume size. The […]
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Midland Refineries Company Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower, Water & Air Treatment, Iraq

Simpson Environmental Corp., through its affiliated company in Baghdad, Iraq was selected as the preferred vendor for a major cooling tower project for Midland Refineries. The cooling tower was the primary cooling system for the refinery and the solution included and advanced oxidation system to treat the cooling tower service water. As the general contractor […]
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