M&R Eggs

Food Processing, Water Treatment, United States

Fort Recovery Equity Inc. operates a major regional egg grading and packaging operation under the name M&R Eggs. The plant gathers in eggs from some 35 producers who are members of a Co-op, cleans, grades and packages this produce into various configurations and ships the final product to retail customers across the USA in refrigerated trailers. The wastewater from the plant is captured in underground tanks and in the past was being discharged into the local town wastewater stream. The Plant accounted for some 50% of the total load on the municipal WWTP. Regulators put a major discharge levy on the Company which required that they “clean up” their effluent to reduce the load on the town’s infrastructure.

The Plant was producing 6,000 gallons per day of effluent with a CBOD of 5,000 mg/l and suspended solids at 3,300 mg/l. An onsite pilot was conducted at the Plant to demonstrate the functionality of the Volute screw press in combination with clay dispensing and cationic polymers selected by Simpson following a lab test of effluent samples shipped to Simpson by the customer prior to the Pilot. The solution proposed and accepted by M&R Eggs included the commissioning of a new 10,000 gallon underground tank and the provision of a SIMPOD WWTP consisting of Model ES-132 Volute screw press and associated dispensing systems for clay and polymer as well as an adjustment system to maintain pH in the 6.0 to 8.5 range. The dry solids at 9- 10 kg/hr would be collected and landfilled in a local municipal site. The discharge levies were avoided and the payback on the solution which was designed and engineered by Simpson was less than 12 months.