Biofilter Remediation

Biofilter Remediation, Water & Air Treatment, Canada

Simpson Environmental Corp. was contacted by a firm in South-Western Ontario to assist in remediating exhaust fumes from an organic food waste rendering operation. The client operated a two shift operation which was emitting foul air from liquid waste into the local community. In advance of pressure from Provincial regulators, the business owner elected to upgrade the treatment process by treating exhaust gases from the primary biofilter with a high dose of ozone.

The primary biofilter was 40 ft in diameter and stood about 25 ft high and was filled with wood chips and included a water spray system for humidity control. Exhaust air from this stage was mixed with ozone produced by two 450 gram per hour AOP units built by Simpson. The design flow rate for the system was 20,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air from the a mixing chamber to a second 30 ft diameter biofilter. Exhaust gases from the second filter were then released into the atmosphere, all of the noxious odours having been removed via ozonation. The odour remediation system was designed and built by Simpson following an on site pilot trial conducted on behalf of the client.