Beef Slaughterhouse

Food Processing, Water Treatment, Canada

Our client had an existing DAF treatment system for its wastewater treatment. Annual haulage costs were in the order of $1.2 Million to remove the residual sludge from the property. Internal labour costs were an additional $20,000 per annum. Simpson installed four Volute dewatering screw presses designed to process up to 30,000 gallons per day at 10%-12% solids. Designed for continuous operation with major control systems, the system provided a payback of less than 7 months on the capital cost based on a 75% reduction in haulage costs. Cationic polymers were used as flocculation agents. Based on a 20 day per month operation, annual costs for polymers cost the client about $80,000. Energy consumption at 2 Kw per screw provided a very energy efficient solution.