Banana Disinfection Project, Latin American Producer

Food Processing, Water & Air Treatment, Caribbean

A major banana producer in the Caribbean was experiencing about 30% product wastage as a direct result of bacterial contamination of the fruit during export to various foreign markets. The bananas were washed in a series of tanks measuring roughly 2500 litres each. As daily production continued, the wash water became more and more contaminated with residual bacteria which remained on the fruit and damaged the product during refrigerated shipment. Simpson designed an Advanced oxidation process  system (AOP) to meet the production requirements of the operation enabling them to reuse wash water and eliminate all threat of residual bacteria. Product wastage was minimized in shipment and the solution provided an immediate payback re customer relations. In financial terms, the payback on the AOP system was measured in weeks. A good “green” solution that helped preserve and reuse water and reduce wastage.