B2 Gold SIMPOD Project

Remote Camp, SIMPOD, Africa

In 2011 Simpson Environmental Corp. developed the concept of pre-engineered, packaged potable water and wastewater (sewage) treatment systems. The Company’s go-to-market strategy involved partnering with a select number of major global shelter manufacturers active in the remote camp market for mining, oil and gas, construction and military markets. These shelter manufacturers have strong working relationships with key global customers like B2 Gold, a Vancouver-based gold producer with four operating mines in Latin America, Africa and the Far East.

Treatment systems for an 800 person mining camp

The project commenced in the spring of 2015 with a purchase order from ATCO for two potable water SIMPODs to treat 75,000 gallons per day of bore hole sourced water, seven sewage treatment SIMPODs to treat 60,000 gallons per day of black and grey water sewage from all camp toilets, showers, sinks, and kitchen/laundry points of use and three large steel bolted storage tanks.

The SIMPOD Potable Solution

Two 40 foot refurbished reefer containers containing three stages of media filtration, plus ultra violet units to treat source water contaminated with low traces of arsenic (one live SIMPOD and the second as a hot standby unit).

On board manufacture of chlorine for disinfection and oxidation using chlorine generators manufacturing chlorine from common food grade salt to mitigate against health & safety issues related to the handling of liquid chlorine.

A 155,000 gallon steel bolted tank for treated potable water storage.


The SIMPOD Sewage Treatment Solution

A single 40 foot container designed to screen primary sewage piped from 10 separate pumping stations throughout the camp.

Two primary clarifier SIMPODs utilizing revolutionary screw press dewatering technology to remove suspended solids.

Four trickling biofilters to provide secondary treatment of clarified sewage product water

A 70,000 gallon steel bolted sewage storage tank and a second 45,000 gallon steel bolted storage tank for process water from the screening and dewatering processes.


The SIMPOD Administration Solution

A single administration SIMPOD containing final ozone tertiary treatment for sewage water being returned to the environment as well as the control console for a custom built Delta V automation and control system connected to all SIMPODs via coaxial and fiber links. This system enables B2 Gold to monitor all system activity from one single console and as well enables Simpson to monitor performance from its headquarters in Burlington, Ontario.

The refurbished reefer containers were selected for this project in order to provide protection against mould and insect infestation in that all internal walls, floors and ceilings are lined with aluminum or stainless steel. All SIMPODs are climate controlled with onboard ventilation and air conditioning systems used to maintain ambient temperatures in the sub 25 degrees C range in a local climate region where external day time temperatures can reach as high as 45 degrees C.

The Simpson solution was shipped from the Company’s location in Burlington, Ontario in November and delivered to the Mali, West Africa Fekola mine site in late December. Installation coordination with ATCO Structures and Logistics and B2 Gold site personnel commenced in late December and was finalized in a staged commissioning and B2 Gold staff training exercise during the spring of 2016.

Subsequent to the commissioning of the above system, B2 Gold has extended its procurement program with Simpson Environmental Corp. via the purchase of additional water treatment systems to provide camp-wide softened water as well as elution treatment water for the mine plant under construction. This phase of Simpson’s support to Fekola Mine is scheduled for delivery, installation and commissioning in the first quarter of 2017.